The workshop


The workshop

Series Forever services, repairs and restores the old Land Rovers

Some examples of common mechanical interventions

  • Overhaul of the brakes
  • Engine overhaul
  • Engine Optimization
  • Gearbox reconditioning
  • Deleting the game on direction and bridges
  • Chassis repair and bodywork
  • Engine settings (carburettor, injection pump timing, ...)
  • Protection of hollow bodies (chassis, apron, doors, ...)
  • Fitting tires
  • Restarting an ancestor (ignition circuit, fuel supply, brakes, ...)

Some examples of techniques we use

  • Conventional lathe and milling machine
  • Welding steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Airbrushing, sanding, microbilling
  • Metallization, galvanizing, thermo-lacquering
  • Cabin painting

Series Forever takes care of the restoration of your Land Rover

We can restore your Land Rover, according to your wishes and your budget. Whether for a "factory-built" vehicle, or a lighter restoration, we are the ideal partner for several reasons:

  • We are familiar with the old Land Rovers, it's our job.
  • We have a large stock of spare parts, unique in Europe.
  • We make parts that can not be found.

“ Fewer middlemen and professionals who do not waste unnecessary time ... you will be a winner on the price and the final quality of work. ”

Do you live outside Belgium? No worries, we have transport solutions. Contact us to discuss your project together.

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