New parts: the guarantee against any manufacturing fault is the same as our suppliers and is limited to this. It runs from the bill issuing date. The guarantee shall not apply for visible defects. Defects and deteriorations caused by natural wear, by an extraneous accident, by negligence, by inappropriate use, by incorrect assembly, by lack of maintenance, are also excluded from the guarantee.

The guarantee will only be granted after the part has been examined by our supplier. The costs of return to our head office (via our carrier) are charged to the customer but will be reimbursed (only for countries in continental Europe) as soon as the fault is acknowledged as covered by the guarantee. If a customer ships the goods on its own account, via its carrier, the costs will be exclusively payable by it. For any other country, the carriage charges will be payable by the customer, who is free to choose its own carrier.

Second-hand parts / "New old stock": the part is delivered in working order, after we have taken care of its checking. The customer agrees that this merchandise is not covered by any other guarantee, unless otherwise stated in the part's description. Photos of the parts are available on request.

Workshop works: all our works are guaranteed. The guarantee is valid for three months. This guarantee is expressly limited on the one hand to the adjustment of the work executed, on the other hand, to the replacement of our supplies, but subject to conditions we have previously acknowledged: either a defect in our work, or that our suppliers acknowledge a manufacturing defect in the parts they delivered to us. The making good of our work, the replacement of our supplies and any repairs can only be done in our workshops. In the event of an incident or an accident, no dismantling of the guaranteed works can be done without our intervention. We shall not be held liable if, on our intervention, parts of the customer are damaged, not due to our fault but due to disrepair, wear or a fault.

We do not guarantee works that have not been finished following the customer's request, or that have been executed with parts provided by the customer, or works of a "customer urgency" nature with a time requirement that does not enable us to carry out a repair of "normal" quality.

For more details, refer to our general sales conditions.