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Door seals replacement - Serie 1959-84



There are several possibilities to replace the door seals on a Serie 2/3. I present here the 3 possibilities, with the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Start on the seals as originally, rubber with a metal blade. No modification, but it is more expensive:

Rear safari door:

Left & Right 2nd row door:

Front left door:

Front right door:

2. Start with a seal system like the Defenders, but this requires cutting the small edge of the gutter with the grinder, all around the door frame. The price is low, the seal is in 1 piece, it clips instead of riveting. Disadvantage: you have to record.

Front left door:

Front right door:

Rear left side door:

Rear right side door:

Safari door:

And it is necessary to add to these seals in 1 piece, the door sill seals, for each doors: 1x 332564, 2x 333233, 1x MRC5740, 1x MRC5741.

3. Fit foam joints sold in rolls of 7 meters, and aluminum blade which are inserted into the seal, so that they can be riveted.

SF-315 (7 meters):

SF-315L (sold individually):

This system visually resembles the original seals, but the price is more interesting. Another advantage is that the gasket is made of foam, which is softer than the original rubber gaskets, so the doors will tend to close without resistance more easily. On the other hand, you will need more time to assemble the seals, because you will have to cut each piece (seal + blade) to length, drill them, and then rivet them. They will be more fragile than a rubber seal.
With this system, as with the Defender seal system, you will have to add the bottom door seals, for each of the doors: 1x 332564, 2x 333233, 1x MRC5740, 1x MRC5741.